One customizable view for images, measurements and reports can help make your workflow easy, fast and simple.

One view

With high-risk pregnancies, obtaining, tracking, and documenting critical fetal ultrasound measurements and other data are extremely important. ViewPointTM 6 for MFM is a flexible ultrasound IT solution that gives you comprehensive information about exams, results, images and reports -all in one view.

Seamless connection to existing multi-vendor ultrasound devices and IT systems help enhance your current investment, simplify daily routines, and improve workflow. ViewPoint 6 can also serve as your standalone PACS and EMR system.

This easy-to-use solution, designed for MFM, delivers efficiencies that support your commitment to compassionate patient care.

  • Image Management

  • Reporting

  • Workflow Integration

  • Analytics

  • Services

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Supporting Materials

ViewPoint 6 brochure MFM JB17966US2EN

Viewpoint 6 2nd Trimester OB Report with Name


Viewpoint 6 Pelvic Report With Name


Viewpoint 6 Early Pregnancy Assessment Report