Senographe Crystal Nova

The fast, easy and affordable way to access digital mammography with the benefits of a GE worldclass premium product.

    Benefit from GE worldclass premium technology.

    The right dose
    Automatic Optimization of Parameters (AOP) allows you to select the appropriate kV and mAs, based on radiological density and thickness of the breast Exceptional image quality with a limited dose to your patients A radiation dose in screening, significantly below regulatory and standard guidelines (EUREF)

    Proven technology
    Built with the same high DQE detector from premium GE mammography systems Delivers exceptional images swiftly Ensures that you can care for more patients with complete confidence when it comes to screening and diagnosis, and with 2D biopsy capability.

    Access your images. The way you like them.
    eContrast post-processing
    4 contrast levels to optimize your visual comfort and maximize structure visibility. Diagnostic performance for almost any breast type, including implants.

  • FAST

    How does imaging up to 18 patients per hour sound? A four-view exam can readily be completed in less than 3 minutes.

    Exceptional patient throughput performance on the market

    So easy to use and fast in acquiring high-quality images that the speed of a screening exam is limited only by patient positioning

    Assuming that a technician requires 30 seconds to position the patient for each acquisition

    A four-view exam can readily be completed in less than 3 minutes, versus over 12 minutes with screen-film procedures, including image acquisition and processing.2

    2. O'Riordan E. et al, Radiology, 2000.


  • EASY

    Harnessing the power of full-field digital is simple.

    Streamline the experience. Patients benefit.
    • Slim gantry
    • Small tube head
    • Rounded-shaped bucky

    Allow patients to quickly, comfortably embrace the system

    Adjust the gantry. In one touch.

    • "N-button" quickly and automatically positions to your workflow preferences
    • "Auto-Move" function moves to the next angulation and adapts the height automatically

    Make technologists job easier. Quickly.
    Simple and intuitive features, for technologists to transition to digital mammography without delay

    Position patients. Quickly. Precisely.
    Small and sliding paddle makes it easy to accommodate all kind of breasts

    Glide through your evaluations. Easily.

    • Intuitive icons on the user interface
    • All the tools you need at your fingertips

    Save precious space.

    • Small footprint
    • Designed to fit in small spaces


The powerful Seno Iris Lite workstation integrates seamlessly with the Senographe Crystal Nova system to help optimize your diagnostic process.

Enjoy an all-around simple reading experience with intuitive, automated and customizable protocols.
Reach a confident diagnosis by exploring and reviewing cases quickly and easily.
Take full advantage of your digital mammography technology to strengthen your diagnosis – facilitating seamless clinical workflow.

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