Visualize soft tissue and bone around MR Conditional implants.
Visualize soft tissue and bone around MR Conditional implants.

MAVRIC SL is an acquisition and reconstruction technique for imaging soft tissue and bone near MR Conditional metallic devices. MAVRIC SL helps reduce artifacts caused by presence of metal in both in-plane and through-plane dimensions compared to conventional MR techniques. For the first time ever you can greatly improve visualization of bone and soft tissue in the vicinity of MR Conditional metal implants and generate diagnostic quality MR images.

The MAVRIC SL method deploys 3D Fast Spin Echo technique to acquire multiple overlapping volumes at discrete frequency offsets. This approach helps eliminate through-plane distortions and reduce in-plane artifacts. Phase encoding is also applied in the slice-selective dimension, and slab-selectivity is enabled through a novel 3D generalization of the view-angle-tilting method to prevent aliasing. Finally, a novel, spectrally-correlated deblurring technique is implemented to the final composite image.

This approach to acquisition and composite image formation results in excellent SNR and excellent image integrity in the near vicinity of MR Conditional metallic devices.

Challenging just became routine with MAVRIC SL.

1. These images were generated using the MAVRIC SL software feature and are representative of the quality of images that users should expect to generate. However, GE Healthcare is not always able to confirm whether the images are of MR Conditional implants or whether scanning was in accordance with the implant's instructions for use.  MAVRIC SL should only be used with MR Conditional implants and within the MR conditions specified for those implants.

Images courtesy of Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, USA.

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