Accelerated scan times, increased diagnostic confidence across skill levels and consistent delivery of accurate results.

Using innovative AI, AIR Technology™ introduces automated applications with AIR Touch™ and AIRx™ that make a clinically impactful difference, all for a simply better* workflow.
AIR Touch™

Ready to know

AIR Touch™ is part of our patient recognition solutions. It’s a predictive and proactive solution that automatically selects the best
coil element combinations for each patient over the precise area of interest. By the time you’re ready to scan, you already know
you’re going to get the best image possible for your patient.

  • Simplify scan setup with customized parameters
  • Optimizes uniformity and SNR
  • Automatically select which coils/elements to use

Intelligent MR slice prescription

AIRx™ uses deep learning algorithms to automatically detect and prescribe slices for routine and challenging neurological exams, delivering consistent and quantifiable results. The automated workflow optimizes technologist efficiency and reproducible planning to ensure exam consistency for same patient.

  • Automatically detect anatomy and prescribe slices
  • Delivers consistent and quantifiable results
  • Helps eliminate rescans and scanning inefficiencies

Simply better compared to conventional coil technology.