Simplify complex coronary interventions with PCI ASSIST
Simplify complex coronary interventions with PCI ASSIST

PCI ASSIST1 helps improve the image quality even in the most complex cases, at no extra X-Ray dose. For complex PCI procedures, such as bifurcations, PCI ASSIST helps to increase accuracy of stent placement, therefore reducing risks of MACEs such as restenosis and thrombosis. PCI ASSIST can help physicians increase their activity expanding to more complex procedures with confidence, opening also to novel generation of stents such as BVS.


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1. PCI ASSIST solution includes StentViz and StentVesselViz, features of Interventional X-ray systems Innova IGS 5, Innova IGS 6, Discovery IGS 7 and Discovery IGS 7 OR.

2. By using One-touch QA, an option sold separately.

3. Improvement vs. same test without PCI ASSIST option. IQ and visibility improvement is measured on Innova IGS530 with phantoms using various Plexiglas Thicknesses, acquisition parameters and the NEMA spoke wheel tool (ref 1), calculating the ratio of the contrast of the moving wires to the background noise level. The amount of Image Quality improvement related to PCI ASSIST depends on the acquisition parameters, clinical task, patient size, amount of motion in the image, anatomical location, and clinical practice. Ref1: A new tool for benchmarking cardiovascular fluoroscopes; S. Balter, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, Vol. 94, No. 1–2 pp. 161–166 (2001). Applicable to Innova IGS 5 (IGS 520, IGS 530 configurations), Innova IGS 6 and Discovery IGS 7 (IGS 730 configuration).