IGS for Interventional Cardiology

As an interventional cardiologist, you want to diagnose and treat all your patients, even the most challenging ones, safely and efficiently, with the best possible image quality. While your activity is growing, you need to perform more complex procedures such as bifurcations, CTO and structural heart. Enhanced visualization and workflow integration are key to reach this goal.

Complex procedures - made simpler
The IGS systems are designed from the ground to provide the image clarity you need while helping you keep dose as low as possible. By reducing the distance from the receptor to the patient, the system optimizes imaging geometry and helps reduce radiation exposure. It includes features like Dose Personalization, which gives you the tools to choose from up to four automatic exposure preferences1 for your system. You can also modify any of these preferences in any clinical protocol to enable multi-procedure, multi-user customization and thus support well-informed decisions. Powered with the new generation of GE's advanced interventional imaging software solutions, ASSIST, you can expand your clinical versatility and successfully plan, guide and assess increasingly sophisticated procedures with greater precision and dose efficiency.