Centricity Radiology Workflow

Streamline departmental and enterprise-wide radiology productivity, administrative efficiency, and patient care in a single, intelligent workflow1.

Key workflow capabilities

From scheduling, to acquiring, viewing, reporting, coding, sharing and archiving-Centricity™ RIS-IC and Centricity Universal Viewer bring radiology tasks together in a single, intelligent workflow.

  • Modular and scalable, able to grow with your organization
  • Image-enabled for all relevant workflow and types of users
  • Multi-organizational, role-based workflows
  • Detailed, configurable security controls
  • Clinical and business focus-Advanced protocoling - Mammography information management
  • Smart patient matching to help ensure patient data integrity
  • Rules-based, multi-organizational scheduling for better resource utilization
  • Task-oriented work lists to manage multiple radiology-related tasks

Centricity Universal Viewer
A unified, multimodality, web-based diagnostic viewer with options for advanced visualization, breast imaging and more.

Centricity Clinical Archive
A robust, patient-centric solution for seamless image and document consolidation and access.


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  1. Requires Centricity RIS-IC and Centricity Universal Viewer.
  2. This does not constitute a representation or warranty or documentation regarding the product or service featured. The results expressed in this document may not be applicable to a particular site or installation and individual results may vary.