Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint

Fast, secure access to vital study and patient information across multiple platforms, anywhere there is an internet connection.

With Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint, all members of a patient’s care team can quickly access patients’ imaging data from almost any browser or mobile device to review, reformat, make measurements and add notes on imaging studies when necessary. 

It provides access to images and reports from anywhere, whether it’s on the hospital floor, in surgery, in clinic or at home, to allow clinicians to access and develop clinical insights that deliver patient results and drive operational efficiencies. 

  • One viewer for the patient care team

    Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint Viewer can be used to review images with a team, patient or family member. For example, surgeons can use Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP to review images and surgery plans. Cardiologists, pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons can bring up images on portable devices at the bedside or in their office to share with patients and families as they discuss care plans. Referring physicians can educate and comfort patients by explaining procedures and sharing knowledge. It all adds up to swifter decision making and more timely and efficient care for the patient. 
  • One viewer for the enterprise

    Physicians need access to the patient’s history to help make more informed decisions about future courses of action. Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP gives physicians access to information residing in different information systems within a hospital enterprise or within departmental systems even when they are siloed and not connected.
  • One platform for many modalities

    Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint supports:

    • CT, MR, Enhanced CT, Enhanced MR, US, PT, XA, RF, SC, CR, DX, MG, Breast Tomosynthesis, IO, SC, VL, NM, Endoscopic, Microscopic and Photographic Images
    • 3-D viewing with MPR/MIP and Volumetric Rendering 
    • View other clinical content in multiple formats, including but not limited to encapsulated PDF objects, audio, video and visible light

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