CASE Exercise Testing System

The CASE™ Exercise Testing System is a stand-alone, highly scalable exercise testing solution helps physicians quickly and easily assess cardiac function during exercise.

Get proven clinical excellence.

  • Assess cardiac function conveniently during exercise.
  • Innovative algorithms offer great diagnostic confidence.

Maximize efficiency and enhance productivity.

  • Connect your CASE system to a Local Area Network (LAN), and store patient data and test results to a central database.
  • Physicians can review, edit and print data remotely, so the stress lab can concentrate on testing.

Expand your networking options.

  • Enhance your digital workflow with connectivity to EMR, MUSE™ Cardiology Information System and PACS.
  • Whether you use a standalone system, a group of workstations or a complete enterprise solution, we have the scalable solution that fits your needs today and tomorrow.
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  • Workflow


  • Treadmill

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