Body Composition

Body Composition refers to the percentage of fat, lean and bone mass in the human body.

Body composition assessment tools from GE Healthcare enable Clinicians and Sports Medicine professionals help understand the body composition of their patients or athletes and determine how diet, lifestyle and exercise programs impact overall health and human performance.

Color Coding

The Color Coding feature available in both Lunar iDXA and Prodigy DXA systems enable you to assign different color codes to the lean, fat and bone tissue, allowing you to study the distribution of lean, fat and bone mass throughout the body along with quantification of the amount of each tissue.

Color Mapping

The Color Mapping feature allows clinicians to set and view threshold adjustment on fat percentages throughout the body. Default tissue mapping colors are red, yellow, and green, where:

  • Green represents an area of low level %Fat
  • Yellow represents an area of medium level %Fat
  • Red represents an area of high level %Fat

Body Composition Trending

The Body Composition Trending feature enables you to view the change in lean, fat tissue and bone mineral density over time through repeated DXA scans of a same patient or athlete. This is an important tool to view and analyze how the exercise and nutritional programs are making an impact in the body composition of a human body.

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