AW Server Integration with PACS

One desktop for all your multimodality reading needs.
One desktop for all your multimodality reading needs.

Your RIS/PACS system is integral to your workflow. Its specialized tools give you access to the entire range of studies generated by your department's imaging systems. With real time worklists that help balance case loads and real time exam status to prioritize urgent cases, your PACS system streamlines your workflow and helps you be more productive.

When your radiologists need to go beyond 2D image review with complex multimodality studies, an integrated workflow can help optimize productivity, and offer better physician experience as well. Whether it's simple MIP/MPR viewing or more advanced 3D visualization tools, simplicity for the user can help drive efficiency.

AW Server PACS Integration lets you launch Advanced Visualization applications directly from your RIS/PACS system. The breadth and depth of the AW application portfolio enable you to get more precise, detailed information across modalities and care-areas. With these tools, you can provide your colleagues and referrals with timely information that can help lead to positive patient outcomes. With the AWS integration with PACS, one desktop can meet all your reading needs.


  • Makes your RIS or PACS driven workflow more powerful by providing access to AW applications portfolio directly from the same desktop.
  • Reduces IT Complexity with automatic push of completed AW exams to PACS.
  • Facilitates incorporation of sophisticated 3D visualization and analysis into your routine reviews with integrated log in between AW Server and PACS.



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