High definition 3D Imaging.
High definition 3D Imaging.

PET/CT acquisitions can last several minutes. In these cases, breath holding is not an option. Consequently, the resulting motion artifacts can significantly distort an image, which can lead to image misinterpretation, misrepresentation of lesion size, apparent reduction of measured SUV, and the overlooking of smaller lesions. Moreover, motion artifacts may directly impact radiotherapy planning, treatment, and interpretation of treatment response over time.

Motion VUE lets you review and analyze PET and CT images acquired on a PET/CT scanner equipped with a respiratory gating system, and following respiratory motion correction. With it, you can display fused gated PET and CT images, employ a multi-phase cine review tool, fully customize your layouts, and you can quantify uptake activity. Motion VUE also helps you understand lesion displacement in both PET and CT gated acquisitions.


  • Advanced features to streamline your workflow.
  • Motion artifact specific review and analysis tools.
  • Extensive recording and reporting options.
Motion VUE


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