Advantage CTC Pro3D EC

Efficient reading workflow solution for colonic lesion detection.
Efficient reading workflow solution for colonic lesion detection.

Recent studies show that early detection of colonic polyps can reduce the rate of colon cancer mortality. But traditional colonoscopy procedures are time consuming and unpleasant for the patient. Traditional CT exams involve patient preparation to remove fecal matter from the bowels or tagging fecal matter to differentiate it from anatomy; still time-consuming and hard on the patient. Making colon examination less costly, less time consuming, and more patient friendly facilitates early colorectal cancer detection. CTC is a non-invasive alternative to optical colonoscopy.

AdvantageCTC Pro3D EC gives you an efficient reading workflow solution for detecting colonic lesions. The program allows you to read and problem solve in 2D, 3D, or 360 degree dissection views. With it you can visualize anatomy that would otherwise be obscured by tagged fluid. Also, the program lets you generate a clear, concise clinical report specifically designed to communicate vital medical information to referring clinicians and patients.


  • Synchronized prone/supine fly through.
  • Ability to track the entire colon from the rectum to cecum for a thorough examination.
  • Improved reading productivity.
  • Electronic Cleansing for visualization of anatomy that would otherwise be hidden behind tagged fluid.
  • Quick and easy to use polyp and center-line Measurement Tools for complete reporting.


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